0.3.0 aka Comatose Cthulhu is released!

You might be wondering what this release adds so shortly after 0.2.0 was released. The answer, depending on your perspective, is either everything or nothing.

There are no code changes between the two releases. The only thing that changed is that Fhtagn! moved away from the Boost Software License Version 1.0, and is now licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 31.

If you are a non-commercial user, e.g. if you use this software for personal, educational or other non-profit use, all that changes for you is that you now must publish the source code to any changes you make to this software, provided you distribute these changes in some way.

Commercial users will need to acquire a commercial license if they wish to use 0.3.0 or later. But don’t worry, 0.2.0 will not change it’s license retroactively, and nothing forces you to upgrade. On the other hand, the 0.2.0 branch won’t be developed further (a few bugfixes aside as they come in).

This license change has been long planned. I’ve long been profiting by the great work the Free Software Foundation has been doing. Free software has made my life better. I figured it was high time to give back to the community in earnest.

At this point I’d like to draw your attention to another change in the sources that you might overlook amidst all the changes to license text: the copyright to Fhtagn! now lies with me2 rather than “the authors”.

The simple reason for this is that it’s more practical: a single person as the copyright holder means much less hassle when license issues need to be dealt with3. We briefly discussed the alternative of creating some legal non-profit entity and assigning copyright to that, but the other two contributors decided to grant me copyright instead.

And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their invaluable help: the commit history in no way reflects how much support they’ve been during the lifetime of this project.

Without Henning’s contributions and encouragement, this project would not exist. And without Tony’s use of some of Fhtagn!’s features, I probably would have lost interest in the project a long time ago.

Thank you! Comatose Cthulhu is dedicated to you!

  1. These changes to not pertain to the scons_util subdirectory of the project, as that contains build files used in other projects of mine. []
  2. Jens Finkhaeuser []
  3. Note that for the same reason, future contributions will only be accepted if the contributors also grant copyright to me. []

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